Social Responsibility


Our Power Principle

The Cape Heritage Museum’s power principle is to contribute to the establishment of a solid foundation for the youth and women in South Africa, especially those located in impoverished areas.

The founder’s inherent belief is that the youth are the torch-carriers for future generations and this is an opportunity to play a major part in igniting that spark in our future leaders.

Why support our Power Principle

Social Responsibility

The opportunity to be associated with The Cape Heritage Museum Exhibition can never be quantified in monetary terms.

It’s core vision is to create a platform for these young learners from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and initiatives through art and history

The Cape Heritage Museum above all, is a functioning entity with a uniquely curated unedited history programme.

It is carefully coordinated to optimize its influence on the young learner and future leaders etc., creating a form of creative and intellectual  enrichment which will aid in enhancing their local and historic knowledge of the Cape.

South African Academy for Young Leaders

Thus The Cape Heritage Museum has aligned itself with their major beneficiary, the South African Academy for Young Leaders (SAAYL), a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and a Public Benefit Organization (PBO Reference No. 93 0048 228).

This Academy focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship development for young leaders between the ages of 14 and 25 years of age.

SAAYL benefits through being an equal  shareholder, of the business. This equal shareholding will ensure that the youth of the identified area is either incorporated into an identified project or educated through SAAYL and/or The Cape Heritage Museum.

Empowerment & Outreach Programmes

Furthermore, the ongoing harsh winter seasons together with facing the unchartered territory of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, is having a significant impact and threat on the livelihood of many of our impoverished communities.

Many more are now in dire need of a hearty warm meal and the basic necessities.

The Cape Heritage Museum in conjunction with SAAYL, has an additional social initiative, through rendering of a daily feeding scheme within the City Bowl precinct, i.e. Woodstock, Salt River, District Six and Bo-Kaap etc.

The SAAYL Winter Youth Empowerment and Community Outreach Programmes have become a recognised event amongst the local schools, surrounding informal areas and the various community organisations.

The Impact especially on Youth & Women

Through this partnership with SAAYL we believe we are contributing to the alleviation of poverty, and the emancipation process especially youth and women, by giving confidence and bringing hope to all the under-represented groups and essentially encouraging all of these groups to impact society through becoming active players in the social and economic growth of South Africa.

One of The Cape Heritage Museum’s main objectives is to expose our youth and future young leaders  to the unedited history of the Cape, by encouraging, inspiring, and educating them through this meticulously curated art exhibition. Public, private schools / sectors and the under-represented are included.

This combination can bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table.  The 45-minute programme is designed in such a way that the participants stay engaged and evoke an emotion through the visual art display.

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